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Col (he used to be known as Colin) showed an early interest in music sparked by his eager request to play the kettle drum with his school marching band - self taught and just eight years of age. This love of music was further enhanced by his brother's appreciation for Rock & Roll music, especially the locally born idol Johnny O'Keefe.

At 11 years of age, Col acquired his first guitar and lessons via his local McKinnon guitar school in Victoria - In fact he was in the same class as a neighbourhood mate, John Wallis, and if fate had possibly shifted it's aim slightly, John Wallis and Col may have meet and combined their musical talents eight or nine years earlier than they eventually did.

Within the first year of taking up the guitar, Col was performing in public at the local Bentleigh (Aussie Rules) football club social nights. In those days there were NO sound or light systems at all, all he had was the acoustic guitar and a loud voice.

First Rock Graphic
He continued with his self generated solo career for the next 4 years performing at weddings, school functions and local community fetes and fund raisers - In fact, anywhere he could get up and entertain people. His Mum was the driving force that made sure he continued to practice his guitar lessons - even when he wanted to stray from those "daggy" old country and popular songs to the wilder Rock & Roll screamers.
Gathering Graphic
(1) Lovely Loretta
(2) All the Love Ive Got
His first venture into the Rock & Roll bands etc. came when he responded to an advert for a singer/guitarist. From there Col worked in a few bands until 1967, when he formed the Gathering and when John Wallis joined (as drummer) in early 1968 the inevitable meeting and combining of talents finally took place - that association now spans more than 50 years.
The Gathering continued throughout the late sixties and early seventies, producing 3 "top 10" singles and appearing on several TV shows including Uptight, Happening 70 & 71 and Turning On.

In the mid 1970's Col became disheartened with the band scene and decided to form a duo a long time friend within the band scene, Gill Robert. Together they worked the club circuit in both Victoria and Tasmania until 1978 when Gill was transferred to Sydney with his employment (Festival records).

Wallis Malitda Graphic
Link to Wallis and Matilda website
Col then reformed the Gathering to tackle the Pub and exclusive Restaurant market.
Then in early 1980 came that phone call from John Wallis, and in his usual enthusiastic manner, John convinced Col to join him in this new venture of putting the wonderfully stirring poetry of Banjo Paterson to music - sound a bit familiar ??
Well that was it, Col along with four other musical acquaintances joined John Wallis, and Wallis & Matilda was born !
Eagles Graphic
Along with his commitment to Wallis & Matilda, Col continued to work on his own solo career, providing entertainment within the extensive morning melodies and retirement village community arena.

During the period 2006 till 2011, in between all of this, Col had been an integral part of an Eagles tribute band, known as the Eagles Story. This tribute show has set some extremely high standards within the entertainment field, they performed at many major venues and corporate functions throughout the length and breadth of Australia.

Nowadays Col suggests he has "slowed up a little", mainly concentrating on his morning melodies/retirement community performances and the odd Wallis & Matilda gig. He now has several shows which include tributes to country legends John Denver, Glen Campbell & Kenny Rogers, and also rock legends Cliff Richard, Col Joye &Johnny O'Keefe, there's even the Crooners with Pat Boone, Perry Como & Nat King Cole.

After over 55 years performing and entertaining, Col still enjoys his musical career just as much as those early days at the Bentleigh football club ... what will his next venture be ?

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